Taverna Paraga, Rhodes Greece

Taverna Paraga, Rhodes Greece

Taverna Paraga, Rhodes Greece 2560 2342 Rouba Shahin Middle Eastern Cooking

My most memorable experience during this trip was the cooking class at the ‘Taverna Paraga’ in Apollona Village. This cooking session was organized directly through our hotel. Yannis was the chef and owner of this traditional Greek tavern. Coincidently, this tavern was on my list to visit, as it was highly recommended in a food magazine.

Together with Yannis and his wife, Fatina, I spent the afternoon cooking and preparing a variety of foods. My boys and husband enjoyed having drinks, taking photos and distracting me in the kitchen. So much fun! So much laughter!

The homemade wood-oven bread served on local mint leaves was sublime. Yannis made it look so easy, it was second nature to him. We also cooked up many other delicious meals; tzatziki, traditional goat with chickpea casserole, meatballs and of course the famous Greek salad.

All the produce for this salad was hand-picked in his impressive garden. Wandering around the garden, surrounded by the freshest herbs and vegetables was such a relaxing experience. It was so calming and delightful to see the beautiful ingredients that he had grown himself.  Yannis was very passionate about me using my hands to chop the salad and there was to be strictly no chopping boards.

What a memorable day cooking with Yannis and his family in their tavern.  It was great finding someone so passionate about what they do.  We sat and enjoyed the food, surrounded by stunning scenery, chatting away about everything from tzatziki to kangaroos. Such a unique experience!