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Jallab is a refreshingly sweet summer drink popular in the Middle East. This is our version of cordial. It’s made by diluting the syrup made from black currant, sugar, grape molasses and rose water. It’s then served in a tall glass with crushed ice.

What I love most about it, is the heap of pine nuts floating in the glass. The idea is to try to get a mouthful of ice and some pine nuts in one gulp.

The Jallab syrup can easily be found at any Middle Eastern grocery store. You don’t need to make it.  Simply get yourself some pine nuts and you’re ready to go!

It’s simple to make the Jallab syrup from scratch — just follow the step-by-step recipe below. However, if you prefer an easier version and a more accessible ingredient without even having to buy the Jallab syrup, see my simpler version of this drink, date and rose water jallab.


  • ¾ cup currants
  • 500 ml water
  • 1 cup sugar
  • ¾ cup grape molasses
  • cinnamon stick
  • ¼ cup rose water
  • ¼ cup orange blossom water

Notes from Rouba

  • If grape molasses is unavailable, you can substitute it with a date or carob molasses.
  • Store grape molasses in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.
  • Can molasses go off?
  • Jallab without nuts is not considered Jallab (just saying).
  • Jallab can also be served with shaved almonds.


Step 1.
Soak the grapes in water overnight.

Along with the water, process the grapes and then put them through a sieve. Discard the pulp.


Step 2.
Bring the grape water to a boil, add the sugar and continue to boil for approximately 10 minutes. Add grape molasses and boil for a further 7 -10 minutes or until the syrup thickens. Add orange blossom and rose water. Cool.

jallab syrup consistency

Step 3.
To serve, add crushed ice into a tall glass. Pour 3 Tbs of jallab syrup over the ice and fill the glass with water. If you prefer it sweeter, go ahead and add another Tbs of the syrup. Garnish with 1 Tbs of pine nuts.

jallab refreshing drink served with ice

Why you’ll love this:

Fruit syrup
Served with crushed ice and nuts
Refreshingly sweet summer drink
Cordial made from grapes
4 ingredients

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