Simply Delicious Mini Manoushi Toppings You Have To Try

If you like trying new snacks or you’re looking for an easy last-minute appetiser to impress your guests, I have just the thing for you—mini manoushi.

Originally a popular street food, manoushi is a delicious Lebanese flatbread usually topped with a za’atar and olive oil mixture. While the za’atar manoushi rarely misses from our breakfast table, the labneh with olives and za’atar variation together with the bresaola and cream cheese manoushi and the strawberry Nutella one are quickly becoming our top favourites.

The mini version of manoushi is the ultimate Middle Eastern finger food—easy to make and versatile when it comes to toppings. The traditional dough is actually a family recipe. My mother-in-law has been making it for decades now, and everyone who has tasted it will vouch for its crispy perfection.

As you might already know, I love playing with flavours and adding my twist to more traditional recipes. Many times, I’ll get to create a new variation for a recipe just because I was thinking of how I could substitute certain ingredients. That’s how the manoushi toppings came about.

Here are my favourite 9 topping combinations you can try for your mini manoushi:

1. Beetroot Labneh and Pistachio

A dollop of beetroot labneh and a sprinkle of pistachio is all you need for one of the most colourful (and Instagram worthy) appetisers out there.

2. Chargrilled Zucchini and Chèvre Cheese

The sweet and smoky taste of the chargrilled zucchini ribbons pairs wonderfully with the creamy goat cheese. Don’t forget to add some toasted pine nuts for that extra crunch.

3. Charred Capsicum, Artichoke and Chèvre Cheese

Here’s a savoury and nutritious starter you won’t want to miss. Slice some charred capsicum, toss in a couple of chopped canned artichoke hearts and crumble some chèvre cheese on top. If you don’t have chèvre cheese, you can always substitute it with feta or goat cheese.

4.Labneh with Chopped Olives and Za’atar

Three of the most beloved Middle Eastern ingredients come together to delight your taste buds. Not to mention, this is yet another creative and delicious way to enjoy your homemade labneh.

5. Olive Tapenade and Sardines with Shaved Parmesan

Olive tapenade is somewhere at the top of my most loved spreads and an essential element that brings together this salty combination. You can use tinned sardines for this one, just make sure you drain the oil first.

6. Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon

The elegant smoked salmon and cream cheese canapés get a crispier update. Garnish with micro herbs for a boost of freshness.

7. Cream Cheese, Rocket and Bresaola

Such a simple yet savoury topping. The thinly sliced bresaola (Italian cured meat) pairs really well with rocket while complimenting the creamy texture of the cheese.

8. Roasted Pumpkin, Olives and Feta Cheese

Discover the perfect sweet and salty combo that could even be a full-blown salad by itself. Slice the roasted pumpkin, then add a couple of sliced Kalamata olives and some feta cheese crumbs. Garnish with fresh thyme to add an extra layer of flavour.

9. Nutella and Fresh Strawberry

Who says manoushi can’t be a sweet treat too? Enjoy the classic Nutella strawberry topping or switch it up with the fruit of your choice.

Eat them for breakfast, serve them as a dinner party appetiser, add them to your picnic basket or include them in your grazing table menu – these crispy snacks are not going to disappoint.

What’s your favourite manoushi topping? Let me know in the comments below.

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