Turkish Delight Sandwiches

Turkish Delight Sandwiches

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Turkish Delight Sandwiches are a “Last Minute” dessert recipe.⠀A little something special for an amazing celebration experience.  If you are a fan of Turkish delight, you will love this.  A sweet sensation, with a delightful chewiness and divine scent of rosewater combined with a crunchy buttery biscuit.  Let the flavours of this simple dessert snack be the starting point of any conversation at your table. It’s different, interesting and delicious, and will only take you a few minutes to make!⠀This can also be the edible gift that will wow your family and friends.

Turkish delight sandwiches


  • Turkish Delight (pieces)
  • Vanilla Biscuits

Notes from Rouba

  • Use good quality Turkish delight


Here’s what you need to do:

Simply stretch out a Turkish delight between two original coffee biscuits and sandwich them together.⠀

Put the sandwiches on top of each other on a cake stand or tray and dust them with icing sugar.⠀

Garnish with dried roses or edible flowers

turkish delight sandwiches

Why you will love this recipe:

lunch box snack
2 basic ingredients 
Simple to make
Perfect for children
last-minute recipe


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