dinner party with friends

How To Host A Dinner Party

When I was 19 and still didn’t know how to cook properly, I never imagined that one day I would absolutely love cooking and hosting dinner parties for my family and friends. Let alone helping other people host their parties.

entertaining at home - table of my homecooked meal

The Ultimate Party Planning Checklist

Do you want to host a party, gather up all your family and friends and have a great time together? Regardless of what you want to celebrate and whoever you want to invite, you want everything to run smoothly and

The WHY Behind What I Do (What Drives Me)

For those who have known me for a while now, you know just how far my passion for food and the love for my family and my culture have brought me. Also, thank you for being there for me! For

grazing cheese board

How To Create the Perfect Cheese Board For Any Gathering

I am a great believer in food bringing people together and there’s nothing that does that task better than a delicious cheese board. There’s also nothing easier than putting together a cheese platter for your gathering. And it will look

cheese board on a grazing table

How To Create Your Own Grazing Table In 7 Easy Steps

Grazing tables have started to gain popularity in recent years becoming one of the most fun and colourful ways to serve food to your guests. If you do a quick search on Pinterest, you’ll understand why. In the Middle Eastern