About Me

About Me: Tradition Keeper with a Modern Middle Eastern Twist

I’m Rouba, a family food enthusiast driven by the love of cooking and sharing meals with loved ones. Inspired by Middle Eastern hospitality and cherished recipes, my culinary journey began as a self-taught home cook. I’m a mum of two boys, surrounded by an extended family and friends, where entertaining and sharing food is a cherished tradition.

My passion for Middle Eastern cuisine led me to create easy, flavourful, and everyday recipes, using simple ingredients from your pantry. From scrumptious main courses to delightful sides and desserts, my home-cooked recipes are perfect for everyday meals and special gatherings.

Food is a medium of connection, an expression of love, and a source of cherished memories. Join me on this flavourful adventure, where we infuse tradition with a modern touch. Through inspiring recipe videos and helpful cooking tips, I’ll empower you on your culinary journey.

Let’s savour the goodness of food and cherish the magic it brings to our lives. Thank you for being a part of my flavourful world!



Collaborate With Me

My Food Journey started as a mix of three values I hold dear – culture, family, and homemade food.

I’m happy to partner with brands that align with my values and passion for bringing people together through my modern take on Middle Eastern cuisine.

How can we work together?

  • Recipe Development
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  • Product Review Blogs
  • Brand Ambassadorship



April 2021, Sunday Mail – Fast Fans Love Rouba’s Treats