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15 Amazing Edible Gifts For Everyone On Your Christmas List

Surprise your family and friends this holiday season with some delicious and thoughtful 15 Amazing Edible Gifts.  15 Amazing Edible Gifts For Everyone On Your Christmas List that are also so easy to make. Whether it’s a homemade batch of

walnut mamoul cookies

Easy Middle Eastern Cookie Recipes You’ll Love Baking

What do you do when the cookie craving strikes? Or worse, when the little Cookie Monsters in your house become restless and start asking you for a sweet treat? While you can hope that Pinterest will have the recipe you’re

arabian milk pudding served in individual glassed

Essential Middle Eastern Ingredients You Need In Your Pantry

There’s nothing like the aromatic taste of home-cooked Middle Eastern dishes, am I right? And the best part is that you can easily prepare all those delicious recipes in your own home with the right Middle Eastern ingredients. Our cuisine

Simply Delicious Mini Manoushi Toppings You Have To Try

If you like trying new snacks or you’re looking for an easy last-minute appetiser to impress your guests, I have just the thing for you—mini manoushi. Originally a popular street food, manoushi is a delicious Lebanese flatbread usually topped with

hummus in a bowl with crispy bread

11 Ways To Use Tahini In Your Cooking

Tahini is an essential Middle Eastern ingredient with a rich, nutty flavour that is made from ground sesame seeds. It’s also hands-down one of my favourite pantry staples because it’s very versatile and takes the taste of my recipes to

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