15 Amazing Edible Gifts For Everyone On Your Christmas List

Surprise your family and friends this holiday season with some delicious and thoughtful 15 Amazing Edible Gifts.  15 Amazing Edible Gifts For Everyone On Your Christmas List that are also so easy to make. Whether it’s a homemade batch of chocolate chip cookies, a box of personalised gingerbread men or a jar of candied spiced nuts, these quick Christmas food gift ideas are perfect for everyone — from your parents and grandparents to your best friend’s kids.

Food has always been my love language. I always thought that the effort, time, and care one put in when baking and cooking for their loved one is the most special gift. That’s what inspired me to collaborate with Woolworths and share a couple of simple, affordable edible gift ideas for you to try.

So if you want to get creative with your Christmas presents this year, take a look at these quick 15 DIY food gift ideas I’ve prepared for you. These tasty recipes will make the ultimate present for those loved ones with a sweet tooth.

1. Coconut and Nut Stuffed Dates

15 Amazing Edible Gifts For Everyone On Your Christmas List - coconut and nuts stuffed dates

It doesn’t get easier than these crunchy and sweet date treats. All you have to do is slice open some fresh Medjool dates, remove the stones, and fill them with diced almonds, crushed pistachios or shredded coconut. Pop them into a decorative jewellery glass box (I got mine from Kmart), and your edible gift is ready to go.

2. Personalised Gingerbread Family 

15 Amazing Edible Gifts For Everyone On Your Christmas List - gingerbread men

These adorable store-bought gingerbread men are a holiday essential that you can easily transform into the ultimate personalised gifts for your loved ones with a few colourful icing tubes. Get your kids to help out and turn this into a fun Christmas activity for the whole family.

3. Apricot and Nut Coconut Balls

15 Amazing Edible Gifts For Everyone On Your Christmas List - apricot and coconut balls

Everyone knows about the classic rum balls, but these no-bake apricot and nut coconut balls are a chewy holiday treat you can make in no time with five simple ingredients: roasted almonds, dried apricots, desiccated coconut, sultanas, and condensed milk. Package them in a glass teapot and sprinkle some dry rosebuds in between for a delicate pop of colour.

4. Turkish Delight Treats

15 Amazing Edible Gifts For Everyone On Your Christmas List - Turkish delight sandwiches

These Turkish delight treats are a unique Christmas edible gift that will take you only a few minutes to put together. Dust them with icing sugar and top with dried rose petals or edible flowers. Wrap them up with festive ribbon and place them in a glass or cardboard gift box.

5. Candied Spiced Nuts

15 Amazing Edible Gifts For Everyone On Your Christmas List - candied spiced nuts

These oven-roasted candied spiced nuts are the perfect holiday crunchy snack and a lovely homemade Christmas gift for family and friends. Go and watch my latest YouTube video tutorial, where I explain how to make these step by step. Package them in a glass container such as a small jar or teapot and tie with festive ribbon or twine.

6. Date and Walnut Mini Loaves

 date and walnut mini loaves

These super moist, old-fashioned bite-sized date and walnut loaves are a lovely hostess gift you can give to your friends this holiday season. The secret to this recipe is to use fresh Medjool dates and let them soak a few hours before you bake the loaves. 

Take a look at the video below to see how I’ve made and packed these mini loaves.

You can also bake your date loaf in a regular cake tin if you don’t have mini cake tins. Package in a paper baking pan, cover with plastic wrap to keep it fresh and tie on some Christmas ribbon.

7. Walnut Stuffed Mamoul Cookies

walnut mamoul cookies

These walnut-stuffed mamoul cookies make a delightful Middle Eastern-inspired festive gift for your loved ones. In my case, this recipe brings back beautiful childhood memories of me and my sisters helping my mother bake batches of buttery mamoul cookies for Eid. You can make mamoul using traditional wooden moulds (you can get yours here) or use whatever mould you have on hand. 

Moreover, you can go even further with this present and turn it into a proper Middle Eastern gift box by adding a traditional mamoul mould for your friends or family members. This way, they’ll have a beautiful new addition to their kitchen utensils, and they can have fun making these delicious mamoul cookies on their own.

8. Lili-Rose Cookies

lili rose cookies

The foodies in your life will fall in love with these festive homemade Lili-Rose cookies topped with rosewater icing and sprinkled with dried rose petals. Place them in a classic glass cookie jar tied with ribbon or use a cardboard gift box lined with waxed paper.

9. Choc Chip Peanut Butter Cookies

chop chip peanut butter cookies

Show the special people in your life how much you love them by gifting them a box of freshly-baked choc-chip peanut butter cookies. Chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside, these cookies go wonderfully with a glass of warm milk or, even better, a cup of hot chocolate.

10. Petit Fours Butter Cookies

 petit fours butter cookies

The perfect Christmas edible gift does exist. Dipped in chocolate and topped with crushed pistachios, shredded coconut or chocolate sprinkles, these melt-in-your-mouth petit fours butter cookies are sure to delight both children and adults. Place them in small cellophane bags with gift tags and add them to your loved ones’ Christmas stockings.

11. Crunchy Date Treats

crunchy date treats

Who said Christmas treats couldn’t be healthy? These crunchy and chewy date snacks are a lovely addition to any holiday gift box. You can make these three ways: roll them into balls and coat them in coconut flakes, spread the paste into a thicker sheet, and use cookie cutters to cut them into any shapes you want or use your favourite mould. 

12. Sesame Slice

sesame slices in a box

You only need five ingredients to make these sweet sesame slices — sesame seeds, pistachios, roasted almonds, sugar, and honey. Don’t forget to watch the video tutorial where I help Um Tarek make sesame slices (as usual, we had loads of fun). Package these in a glass box and garnish with dried rosebuds or place them in a Christmas bakery box tied with twine. 

13. Pistachio Rose Brownies

raspberries and pistachio brownies

These gooey pistachios rose brownies are what chocolate lovers have been writing to Santa about. They’re so easy to make, and the addition of fresh raspberries takes these chocolate brownies to the next level. Place in a box lined with greaseproof paper for a delicious, homemade Christmas gift for friends and family.

14. Pistachio, Coconut, and Date Delight Sandwiches

ashta filled delights in a box

Impress your dear ones with a gift box filled with delicate sweets rich in Middle Eastern flavours. These layered coconuts, pistachio, and date desserts will be the star of every Christmas gathering, whether you choose to go with the traditional, creamy ashta filling or my simplified sweetened ricotta version. 

15. Pistachio and Coconut Chocolate Log

pistachio and coconut chocolate log slices

A popular dessert in the Middle East, this pistachio and coconut chocolate log is an effortless no-bake edible gift you can give away to your loved ones this holiday season. Wrap it up in Christmas-themed greaseproof baking parchment (like this one here) and use twine or ribbon to tie it.

Can’t decide which recipe you want to recreate? Make smaller batches of your favourite treats and combine them to create delightful Christmas gift baskets to enjoy together with your loved ones. Also, don’t forget to tag me on Instagram if you try out any of these recipes. 

Let me know in the comments down below which is your favourite Christmas edible gift from my 15 Amazing Edible Gifts For Everyone On Your Christmas List!

Happy holidays from our family to yours!

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