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date and rose water scones served with English breakfast

Date And Rosewater Scones

Date and Rosewater Scones have my Middle Eastern Twist to them. They are light and fluffy and packed full of flavour!

Lili Rose Cookies

Lili Rose Cookies are a quick and easy recipe using only a handful of ingredients. Irresistibly salty, and buttery, with a walnut flavour.

walnut mamoul cookies

Walnut Stuffed Mamoul

Walnut stuffed mamoul are buttery cookies that will melt in your mouth. These are the perfect reward after the month of Ramadan.

petit fours butter cookies

Petit Fours Butter Cookies

Chocolate-dipped petit fours butter cookies are a melt-in-your-mouth sweet treat. They keep well and are perfect for gifting.

Knafeh - Syrup Soaked Shredded Pastry with Orange Blossom Creamy Filling

Attir Sugar Syrup

Attir sugar syrup is the magic ingredient used in Middle Eastern sweets. This syrup is drizzled over baked or fried desserts.

easy seeded crackers served with a dip

Easy Seeded Crackers

The crunchy, flavourful, homemade easy seeded crackers recipe is naturally gluten-free and vegan friendly.

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