soup recipe

Comforting Chicken Soup

Looking for a comforting meal? This chicken soup recipe is perfect for any occasion. Customize it to suit your taste preferences and enjoy!

lentil soup garnished with crispy bread

Lebanese Red Lentil Soup

Comforting and hearty Lebanese lentil soup with rice. Filling and flavourful with simple ingredients. Easy to make, perfect for a cold day.

tomato noodle soup served in a white bowl

Tomato Noodle Soup

Tomato Noodle Soup is so simple to make and takes less than 25 minutes for you to be enjoying a bowl of it. It’s delicious, easy, homemade & family-friendly.

cauliflower and celery soup

Cauliflower And Celery Soup

You must try this cauliflower and celery soup. It’s a delicious light meal made from basic ingredients with so much flavour.

spinach and lentil soup

Spinach And Lentil Soup

This Spinach and Lentil Soup is the perfect one-bowl hearty dish for anyone looking to eat less meat. It’s cheap, delicious and easy to make.

hearty cauliflower soup

Hearty Cauliflower Soup

This hearty cauliflower soup is a delicious light meal made from basic ingredients with so much flavour. It’s quick, easy, and comforting.