under 30 minute dessert

Halawet el Jibn (Sweet Cheese)

Halawet el Jibn (Sweet Cheese)

Indulge in the stretchy, syrupy goodness of Halawet el Jibn. This Middle Eastern cheese dessert is easy to make and perfect for any occasion.

Salted Orange Semolina Cakes

The salted Orange Semolina Cakes bring a twist to the traditional Namoura sweet, with its sticky texture and sweet nutty flavour.

Mango Kataifi Rose Pudding

The quick and easy dessert, mango kataifi Rose Pudding is a delight for any special celebration! A make-ahead dessert recipe.

Lili Rose Cookies

Lili Rose Cookies are a quick and easy recipe using only a handful of ingredients. Irresistibly salty, and buttery, with a walnut flavour.

no-bake biscuit cake

No-Bake Biscuit Cake

A no-bake cake recipe that is creamy and soft and perfectly sweet. This cake is easy to make and looks so impressive when cut.

orange tea cake served on a wooden board

Orange Tea Cake

This orange tea cake recipe is quick to make and perfect for when you need to bake a last-minute cake.

almond butter cookies

Almond Butter Cookies

These almond butter cookies are not only fluffy and crunchy but so simple to make. Use good quality butter for the ultimate buttery biscuit!

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